Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Vision of Compromised Christians

On Friday I was praying and the Lord Jesus Christ showed me a lot of people,men and women.

All of them had demons standing behind them and they held their hands to their backs,holding them captive.
And the Lord Jesus Christ told me they are people whom the Lord has been using to preach to the lost and showing great revelations and even hell and heaven revelations but the enemy has captured them and made them slaves of sin again.

The Lord showed me another large number of people.All of them had tins covering their mouths so they wouldn't be able to say anything.

The Lord told me these are people to whom the Lord has been giving messages and revelations to deliver to His people but they are not delivering them for fear of being hated or for other reasons.

They only deliver some of the messages,the ones that do not seem too controversial or harsh.They do not speak the full counsel of God.

And He said people who are in both these groups will be left behind when He comes if they do not repent.

You cannot serve two masters,you must decide whom to please.If you choose God,then speak whatever He tells you and don't care how people will react.

Let us pray fervently for ministers of God and all those He is using.I personally need your prayers a lot. The attacks from Satan are always more on people God is using to reach others because Satan knows if those people are brought down many souls will be lost.

Victory belongs to Jesus Christ. Shalom!

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