Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Vision of the ark

This evening the Lord Jesus Christ showed me an ark and everyone had to enter the ark.

But there was a deadline to enter it, there were just a few hours before nighttime and people had to go in before night.
I saw Satan making threats about all the bad things he wanted to do to everyone who would not have gone in when the time was up.
He was laughing and speaking in a way like he was really looking forward to doing whatever he wanted to do to those who would not have entered the ark.
But whenever a person tried to go near the ark so they could go in, he would suddenly come and block them, trying to stop them from entering so time would run out.
 The Lord is again talking about the nearness of his coming.none of us should be found outside when night arrives. 
No matter how many times we ve heard this; Jesus is coming soon and He's only coming for a holy people.lets prepare while there's time.Shalom

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