Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Satan's Mission Against Children

As I was praying this evening, the Lord showed me how the satanic Kingdom is working to win souls and to put people in bondage.

The Lord had previously taken me to the marine world to show me how they make clothes,and other things down there then bring them to earth. 

This evening the Lord again showed me those things made in the satanic Kingdom being brought to earth and sold here like normal things.

The Lord showed me a clothes market with a lot of stands here in the city where I live, then He showed me those very clothes made in the marine Kingdom being transported by agents of darkness and displayed on the stands and other places and being sold.

On this particular one the Lord showed me, the person selling them was an agent of darkness but I saw that there were other agents sent to the same place to pretend to be customers,in order to attract people to come to the shop when they see a lot of people going there.

When a real customer tries to check out a particular cloth or shoe, the other agents who are pretending to be customers would then encourage that person to buy it and pass good comments about it till the person buys.That was there work.

They had possessed these clothes with demons to make weak Christians backslide and to make them get attracted to all manner of sin. Only those covered by the blood of Jesus are safe when exposed to those things, the rest just fall into the trap.

I also saw other demonic agents sent on similar missions. They were so many.I saw a large group assigned to monitor and ensure people buy their clothes, another large group on food etc.

They were all watching intently and used dark powers to control the people who went to these places without God's protection.

 Am not sharing this so that you will be scared but so that you will know the tactics of the enemy and watch and pray.

If you are living under Gods covering you can buy anything without fear (as long as it's not some thing God is against), know that you are protected.

But if you aren't under that covering these things have power over you.The agents of darkness were working so hard.

I even heard one woman remark that she had to work for her Kingdom. What about you? Are you working for your Kingdom? Are you faithfully serving Our King? 

The Lord Jesus Christ told me Satan wants to initiate children into his Kingdom from an early age and that his target was that they should from an early age see the things that are abominable to God as normal.

The Lord showed me a very little boy with hair dyed in different colors.And He told me this is Satan's aim.

All this is being done for one reason; to populate hell.But escape hell, don't slumber and fall into his trap.Walk in the Spirit.

Those of you with children, bring up your children in the way of the Lord and they won't depart from It. Don't allow the world to determine how you bring up your children.

Let the bible be your guide.

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