Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Left Behind After Rapture

on Friday when I was praying.The Lord Jesus Christ told me pope Francis is going to something really wicked very soon.And that he's going to exalt himself above God but God will crush him.

This morning the Lord Jesus showed this revelation to my sister Zipporah.
 TODAY'S DREAM: I saw that Jesus came like this Sunday and many many people remained. I saw a church where only the pastor and his wife were rapture because they where the only ones Faithfull.Mothers had their pregnancies disappear but they remained.
Then I saw that those Christians who though tht they we Faithful but had remained received scrolls on which was written, a list of their sins.Jesus reminded me of A vision I had last week where in this vision, he was asking the Father for more time but the Father said NO.

Immediately the rapture happen even the whole atmosphere changed.It was like a war had broken out with demons everywhere.

I saw soldiers breaking into homes.
They had a powerful gift of vision and they could see where people where hiding and they fished everyone out.I saw demons filling the earth and some where even in human form and mixing with the people but the people did not know this.
Those who had thought they were Faithful but had remained received scrolls on which was written their sins.
I saw Pope Francis and he had great supernatural powers.He could see where everyone in the world was from his throne and he had the power to transport them from their location to where he was just with his eyes.
People were being assembled before him and they were being convinced that he is God.Pope Francis had many spokes persons, mostly soldiers.
He was convincing them through his powers that he was God. I saw Obama laughing hysterically about how his Micro chip had deceived many people.The soldiers did such horrible things that many people were considering to receive the mark.I have shared this as soon as I have received it that no one's blood may be on my head.Please share it.

Just among us, there is lust of the flesh and lust of the world, that is what Jesus is saying to say to you, let us get rid of it that we may be raptured.
I also saw a holiness pastor who was left behind.when he received a scroll of sins that caused him to be left behind,he began screaming,'oh no ooh!'
The soldiers were given ability to see very a curate visions.they could see exactly were people were hiding.
They caused too much suffering so that people would run to the pope for refuge.He sat on a throne and multitudes of people came to him.His soldiers were telling everyone that the pope is their only saviour.
Pope Francis began to perform great miracles.He would declare things and they would happen.He would say,"let this appear" and it would.
He told the people,"I am your God.I will prove to you I am God.And he did miracles.His throne was set on a very high place and multitudes surrounded him,worshiping him.
The rapture happened on Sunday and by Monday many people were already contemplating receiving the mark because of the suffering.
The anti Christ's soldiers came and began removing people from their homes,torturing them as soon as the rapture happened.

Here's the vision I saw last week
I saw the angel with the trumpet still standing at the same exact position like before,ready to blow the trumpet.
The Father wanted to tell him to blow the last trumpet but Jesus again ran to the Fathers feet,begging for more time.The Father said,"No there will be no more extension of time Jesus then began to weep,rolling at the feet of the Father"

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  1. The False prophet is ready to execute his mandate with false miracles and wonders before the Anti-christ who is the first beast who is wounded with a sword and yet lived it will be a terrible time such as the world has never seen Its time to return to JESUS in absolute Holiness and repentant heart like never before time is over and The RAPTURE is imminent JESUS loves humanity soo much and doesnt want anyone to be Left behind.Shalom.