Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Satan has been attacking me strongly of late but all his efforts have been fruitless because it’s Jesus Christ he has to contend with.
You may remember what I had shared here some time ago that the Lord Jesus Christ told me and my sister that sometimes demons come to earth in human disguise.
They do this to fulfill a mission and look just like a human being, you cannot tell by looking at them because its only God who can reveal this to you ,so don’t start suspecting people.
About three months ago, a new neighbor moved in next door and the Lord Jesus Christ told me she was an agent of darkness assigned on a mission against me. He told me it was actually a demon in human disguise!
My sister was around at the time and the Lord told her the same thing.
And He exposed her to me so many times while praying. And she of course tried to get close to me but the Lord had already told me not to let her coz she was on a satanic mission and was a demon in disguise. It’s not everyone I expect to understand this because its physically hard to understand, it can only be understood spiritually.
So this morning I prayed around 2am and then went to bed, then I had a dream.
In the dream, I told someone that this person was an agent of darkness and was actually a demon in disguise sent on a mission, but she was trying everything to just seem normal and kind, and friendly so no one would believe, she really tried hard.
I was telling the person I had been talking to, telling them again that she is an agent of darkness,she was near and overheard and smiled,trying to seem normal but then realized that there was no more need to hide because GOD had exposed her.
She suddenly turned to where me and this other person were standing and said, ”yes i am! i am, so what?!”she was shouting on top of her voice.
Then she began laughing hysterically, even turning around laughing.
I was in shock, I just stood there thinking,”God, what You said is true.”
She continued laughing, so very much.
I told her,”you are doomed to burn in hell!!”
And she said,”yes I know, so what?i curse God!”
I couldn’t believe what was happening and I was in so much shock I thought I must be dreaming(because this was so real I didn’t realize I was dreaming.)
Am telling you, demons know they are destined for the lake of fire, and this thought scares them so much. That’s why they work hard to ensure many people endup there too.
I touched her hand and said, ”in the Name of Jesus Christ”
Her whole body changed and became black and wrinkled,even her teeth became black.
In the dream, God told me, ”her mission is over because God has exposed her. She knows there’s nothing else she can do now,and she will now shift.”
I then woke up and was really shocked that I had been dreaming.
This evening, she came and said, ”am moving out next week.”
All I could say was, ”My God, You are so powerful!”
she has since moved.
I hadn’t expected it to be fulfilled this soon. This isn’t a story, it’s what really happened. God is so powerful and deserves all praise!

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