Friday, 21 November 2014


While I prayed,The Lord Jesus Christ gave me this message for those of His children with spiritual gifts.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me that Satan always tries to corrupt the gift of God.

When God gives someone a spiritual gift,its meant to glorify God but satan always looks for a way to corrupt it .

Most times this is achieved by creeping in pride.
When this happens,that person will be filled with pride(like they are the ones doing the wonders,prophecy,visions,etc when its actually God) and they will begin to seek for self recognition and glory.

The Lord showed me one famous preacher for whom this has happened(name with held).He told me that He(God) gave this man a spiritual gift,but the man has began to seek self glory.
The glory belongs to God,He will share it with no man.

If this is happening to you,its time to ask God for forgiveness and ask for a pure heart.
Let's all pray for one another,this is important.

We already know who's won this battle,do not go with the losing team.satan has already been defeated.
God Bless You.

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