Friday, 21 November 2014

Vision of People Receiving the Mark of the Beast

During prayer,the Lord Jesus Christ showed me a vision of how musicians will be promoting the mark of the beast.

I saw that when the Anti-Christ was giving people his mark,Musicians also got the mark of the beast 666 and they were promoting it;Singing abt it as though it was cool to have it.I saw a musician, lil wayne singing a song that talked about how cool it was to have the mark of the beast.

Then people,especially youths followed suit and received the mark of the beast thinking it was cool.
It happened in the same way that the artists have been promoting satanic symbols and people have joined them in glorifying satan through the satanic signs.

In a seperate vision,the Lord Jesus Christ showed me a satanic cartoon called"Monsters university."
Previously,the Lord has shown us about how satan brings demons to children through satanic cartoons.

He showed me this cartoon as one of them.

It was made for a satanic purpose and there are demons that look like characters from this cartoon.
I didn't know this cartoon existed and it was only after this vision that I googled it and found it!

Accept Jesus Christ as your saviour and turn away from sin.

After the rapture,very few people will not accept the mark of the beast,it will be very difficult,there will be extreme torture for those who do not accept the mark of the beast,but for those who do accept it,they will be doomed as they will have to face the wrath of God.

The tribulation will be here very soon,the rapture will also be here very soon.

Seek God while there is still time,if you do not turn to God,you are automatically turning to satan and it's a deadly choice.repent and Choose life

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