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I can never deny the reality of hell because God saved me from it.
Jesus saved me from hell.

In 2011 before I returned to the Lord, (I reconciled to God in December 2011) I used to pray but lived a double life.

While I still lived a double life, one day, I was in the bedroom with my sister Lois, it was daytime and I was lying on the bed awake, my sister was doing school work.

Suddenly I was in a trance and the room started going round and round really fast and it was as though my spirit and body separated.

I could see everything clearly, I could see my sister writing her school work and she didn’t know what was happening, I tried talking to my sister but I couldn’t communicate with her.
I heard my mom and dad talking in the living room.

Everything kept going round really fast and I heard the sound of a very mighty wind then saw the entrance to very dark hole, it appeared right there in my room and the sound of the strong wind was still there and I realized that I was going to die and that I was going to hell.

All I felt was regret, the things I saw as being very important, I now saw them as trivial and wished I hadn’t done some things that I had done, or reacted to some situations as I had reacted. A lot of things were rushing through my mind and it all happened so fast and I was filled with regret.

When I realized that I was going to hell, I said, ”Lord please forgive me and give me another chance.”
And immediately, everything ended. Jesus saved me from hell. I called myself a Christian, but I would be stuck in hell if for Him. This was a very strong warning for me. 

From January 5th 2012, the Lord Jesus Christ has showed me hell and it’s a terrible place, it’s not a story made by Christians to scare people, no, it’s a horrible place prepared for satan and his angels but all who follow him will go where he goes.

In one vision of a section of hell that the Lord Jesus Christ recently showed me, there were these really huge pots filled with liquid fire. People were stuffed into these pots filled with fire. Their skinned was all peeled up from the liquid fire.

 They were burned up and disfigured but they didn’t die. They were in terrible pain and looked so helpless. It was a horrible sight. These are people who didn’t repent while on earth.

That’s why it hurts me so much to see preachers only telling people about prosperity and how God is going to bless them, without warning them about the danger of sin and where it will lead them.
This is a terrible mistake and that’s why non of those who do this will escape God’s judgement. You cannot lead people to a place this horrible and expect to escape it yourself, unless you repent.

Temporal wealth cannot be compared with the value of a human soul. 

Jesus had told me, ”All they preach about now is prosperity. Very few are preaching my truth. But what is money if your soul burns in hell? Do not be allured by money, it’s the root of all evil. Didn’t I say to sell all you have and give the money to the poor then come and follow me? it’s what has allured many preachers and now they only care about filling their churches and filling their pockets I know that while you are on earth, you are going to need money and I will provide you with just enough. The rest of your treasures will be stored up in heaven, safe, where moths cannot destroy. This earth will be burnt down with fire and nothing will be left standing.”


Months ago,The Lord Jesus Christ had said to my sister Zipporah, ”I have shown you and  Rachael hell, but very soon, am going to show you the glories of heaven.”

Heaven is also a real place and it’s a place prepared for the saints of God and its beautiful beyond description.

Jesus said had said to us, ”You cannot imagine just how glorious heaven is! Your human minds are too small to comprehend it.”

On 24/10/14, after praying, I was worshipping and praising the Lord when the Lord Jesus Christ allowed me to see a glimpse of heaven.

It was so glorious I can’t describe it! There were streets made of pure gold. The Lord showed me a city that was made of pure gold! It was breath taking, so very beautiful I can’t describe it because even though we have gold here on earth, our earthly gold is so much inferior to the one that was used to make this city.

It was pure and beautiful, glorious. The Lord also allowed me to see countless of angels in heaven. They were not in the city, but were in another section of heaven worshipping the Lord.
In 2012 when the Lord Jesus Christ allowed me to hear the angels in heaven singing, it was so beautiful and they were singing glory, glory glory.

Heaven is a real place,it’s a literal place awaiting the saints.


The Lord Jesus Christ taught me how to accomplish effective evangelism. This is what The Lord showed me. 

Jesus Christ was going out and evangelizing to the lost, He was so passionate and He didn’t care wether or not they were willing to listen.

He just went out and began telling them about repentance and God’s word.
He spoke and made them listen. He didn’t care about their reaction; He didn’t care whether or not they would hate Him for it. He was just concerned about their eternal soul.

Jesus told me, ”I wasn’t ashamed to die a shameful death on the cross for you.”

Jesus told me not to be concerned about how people will react to the truth but rather to just tell them because it is for their salvation. 

 I can never ignore the importance of warning people of its existence and the only way of escape available; who is Jesus Christ because it’s horrible beyond description. Some people think warnings about hell are too much but if you see it, you will know the warnings are too few. I ca also not deny the existence of paradise-heaven; a place so beautiful beyond description.

‘’In my Father’s house are many mansions:if it were not so I would have told you.Iam going  to prepare a place for you.”John 14:2

“But the fearful, unbelieving, the abominable, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone; this is the second death.” Revelation 21:8

You have a choice to make; heaven or hell.Choose now while there's time.

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