Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vision of People Turning to Jesus

The Lord Jesus Christ gave me a vision of encouragement to His Evangelists, all those people sharing the gospel. I saw a story building and Jesus was at the top, on the ground floor there was a lift and all kinds of people were using it to go up to the building where Jesus was. I saw drunkards, idolaters, fornicaters, adulterers, all kinds of sinful people; they all wanted to meet Jesus. 

And I noticed that once they went up to where Jesus was,they were totally transformed!
It was as if they were no longer the same people. 

I also saw people who drunk themselves to stupor, and everyone in their communities said they would never change. After they came from meeting Jesus, they were different people! 

There was a transformation and I saw this whole group going one way praising God! They were so joyful! They were shouting hallelujah and lifted up their hands in praise! I then saw an evil spirit, a demon that had been assigned to bring down a particular man who used to be a drunkard.

This man used to drink himself to stupor and everyone looked down on him but I had seen him going up to Jesus this evil spirit was waiting for him.

 It was accompanied by another demon and said, "we have been sent to bring him down to hell!” The two evil spirits waited near the lifts so they could catch him on his way out, but I saw this man transformed after meeting Jesus and he was a new person.

I also saw that these evil spirits had no power over him after having an encounter with Jesus. He passed right by them and they didn't even see him!

 They kept waiting but this man went away praising God! Everyone was praising God, but I saw the demons waiting for anyone who would turn back so they could capture them and make sure they end up in hell.

 I then saw a sister who used to be very strong in the Lord coming back, she turned back and started going in the direction where these demons were.

The evil spirits were watching her, waiting for her. she saw the demons and knew they were waiting for her but just kept walking.

 But when this lady realized that she was the only one turning back, she saw that everyone was moving foward,s he too turned and began moving forward and praising God! 

The vision ended.

If you have been sharing the gospel and have been discouraged, please be encouraged that people will change, they just need Jesus, don't say someone can't change because they can with Jesus, victory is coming in God's kingdom! Amen.

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