Wednesday, 15 October 2014


We were having prayers at home when the Lord Jesus Christ exposed these tricks of the enemy;

We were praying at home with a few people from church when the Lord Jesus Christ gave my sister Zipporah & I this message.

We had been praying for a while and the presence of the holyspirit was so powerful. He began giving us prophetic tongues and interpretation. That is how we received this message.Either Zipporah or myself would give the message in tongues and The Lord would give the other or the same person,or both the interpretation there and then, so its directly from Jesus to you.

The Lord Jesus Christ said "you must be careful with facebook, becareful with social media because satan has offloaded a lot of his demons there to trap God's children.".
"satan has offloaded his demons onto the internet and their mission is to make you fall, they want to take you to hell"

"They (demons)also chat on the internet and upload pictures pretending to be beautiful girls in order to trap men,& pictures pretending to be cute guys in order to trap girls and lure them into lust and fornication."

"Even satan has a laptop and also chats on facebook,be careful whom you chat with, they have designed everything to make you fall, some websites even have demons on them that are meant to possess people who visit them."

"You must walk in the spirit at all times and stay close to me, I will protect you."

Zipporah and I had been under a lot of spiritual attack and now the Lord Jesus Christ told us, "satan attacked you that way because he is afraid of the damage am going to use you to do to his kingdom, am going to use you to expose his tricks, believe what am telling you and do not doubt it no matter how unbelievable it may sound.Iam the Lord your God.Am telling you the truth,I love you too much to lie to you, I have so much to show you, and so much to tell you. Many will not believe you,some will think you are crazy, but believe the things I tell you. You are far too precious to me for me to lie to you. Iam the Lord your God and I see ALL things."

The Lord Jesus Christ told us satan and his demons do not only set such traps for humans on the internet but in real life as well!

He told us that sometimes, they (satan and demons) come to earth physically disguised as humans!
They come to earth disguised as beautiful women or handsome men in order to trap people whom they target, in order to fulfill their mission.

The Lord said they do not only come to trap people into sexual sin and tie them to the satanic world but sometimes they come to entice people to do other things that are sinful and leads to their downfall.

The Lord Jesus Christ told us that sometimes they come disguised as school children, maids, anything!

The Lord said sometimes they disguise themselves into animals or insects or even lifeless things like a peg! This is for them to fulfil a mission that requires their physical presence. They can use anything.

And the Lord allowed me to see this! It was so unbelievable! I saw a vision of a line where people hang clothes after washing and there were pegs on it. But as I looked, I saw that one of them had eyes(spiritual n can't be seen physically) and was assigned to monitor the people!

 This was very shocking to me when the Lord showed me this. The Lord Jesus said "They can use anything to monitor you or to fulfil their mission but remember, satan is so powerless, you just have to stay close to me."

satan was like a rat and ran away with the tail between its legs at the presence of our King!
satan is already defeated, the Lord is telling us all this not for us to live in fear but to know our enemy's tactics and defeat him in prayer.

satan doesn't want to be exposed, the Lord Jesus Christ had told us to write down all he had told us so later so we would share it.

satan desperately doesn't want to be exposed because he knows u will defeat him if you know his tricks.

The Lord Jesus Christ said, "Sometimes satan assigns demons to things sold here on earth like food, clothes, drinks, water, anything. In the satanic kingdom, they also manufacture all these things and send them to earth to pollute people. You must pray for anything you buy. This earth has been defiled, pray for everything and it will be purified."

The Lord Jesus Christ said we must take our prayers seriously when praying for anything and must pray in truth and spirit.

These were some of the things the Lord Jesus Christ told us about some of satan's tricks in attacking humanity.

Remember the Lord God is powerful and no matter how powerfully satan may attack, he is nothing before our King and he has already been defeated.

Pray without ceasing and stay in fellowship with Jesus Christ.


  1. Hi Rachael,

    Can you give some examples of how Satan attacked you ?


  2. Sister Rachael, this is another excellent article that will be very useful and helpful to God's people. Thanks for posting. Len.