Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I would like to share with you something the Lord Jesus Christ showed me one morning.

I saw a lady who is a pastor of a church. I have never seen this lady before and it’s not someone I know, but the Lord was just showing me what happens, although if I was ever to meet her, I would know her.

 I saw this lady in her church, preaching and praying for the sick, she was performing miracles and everyone in her church was rejoicing and I saw them shouting and jumping because of the miracles they thought were happening by the power of the Holyspirit. 

I saw the lady on the alter, preaching with so much zeal and passion, she would even lie down on the alter in church, preaching. Then the Lord Jesus Christ showed me what she did in private. He showed me the same lady again.

This time around she wasn't in church but was in a room that looked like a church office. She was alone and I saw her using charms!

 She had satanic white garments wrapped on head to toe and she was making incarntations! She was saying words that I couldn't hear and I as looked, the lady changed into a young girl of about 8 years of age then again, as I looked she changed back into the lady! 

She was an agent of darkness using satanic power to deceive God's people with fake miracles!

The Lord Jesus said, "do not go looking for miracles, look for my word". We have to pray earnestly and seek God, do not just go blindly to any preacher just because they have power because you will find yourself entering satanic convenants without knowing.

This is what the Lord wanted me to pass on to you. 

The Holyspirit has been poured out in great strength and God's servants are performing great signs and wonders.

But satan has also sent his false anointed to deceive God's people,that's why we must be prayerful and walk in the Spirit.

God Bless You.

-Rachael Mushala


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  4. The name of Almighty God be praised.Amen