Tuesday, 4 February 2014


The Lord cares about all of His children so much; in fact,He is so concerned for our safety that He gives His angels charge over us to watch over us.

I am going to share one occasion on which I experienced this angelic protection.

Angels will watch over you

My former landlady’s daughter had a lot of demonic attacks. Her mom mentioned to me that her daughter was once possessed by demons but had been delivered at a prayer meeting.

Despite her deliverance, she continued to have these attacks not only in dreams but real life as well. Although she is 16, she is unable to read or write anything at all, nothing was medically confirmed to be the source of this problem but somehow she is just unable to learn anything.

One day as my sister Zipporah and I prayed, we were led to pray for her.

During prayer, The Lord revealed that the source of the girl’s problem was ocultic; someone in her family had involved her in some satanic covenant and it was the source of all the attacks she was experiencing.

Later when I spoke to her mom about it, she confirmed to me that there was a lot of occultism in her family.

So that night when The Lord revealed this to us, we prayed for her and some damage was definitely done because later that night when I went to bed I had a demonic attack from the same ocultic people God had earlier revealed to us.

I saw the woman enter my house(spiritually) then walk over to my bed, she was so angry and kept asking why we had prayed for the girl(my land lady’s daughter) and was trying to strangle me but when I called the name of Jesus she disappeared and I woke up.

I then prayed for God’s protection and immediately I lay down again, I saw two very large angels slowly coming down from heaven then landing near my bed; one at my head and the other at my feet.

They were really large and knelt on one knee to be at my level since I was lying down.

I cannot describe their skin but it was so brilliant!
Both of them looked so strong, powerful. Thinking back now I can positively say they were warrior angels.They each wore white robes and had shiny swords.

Still kneeling near my bed, the angels held out their swords in a way that they were almost crossing, more like a silent sign of “Don’t Trespass”.                 
I then slept peacefully until morning. This wasn’t a dream; it was real and made me realize two things;

Firstly that deliverance is something to be treated seriously as there can be repercussions (e.g. the sons of sceva in acts) and secondly it made me realize just how much God cares for us.

He allowed me to see it but even when we don’t see it, His angels are always keeping watch over us, we can be sure of that.

Praise God.

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