Friday, 31 January 2014

Intercession for God’s Ministers

A brother in Christ had mentioned to me how he doesn’t read literature by a particular renowned, late evangelist, because it was widely circulated that this Evangelist was bound by alcohol during his ministry.

I had heard these reports too, but I had also heard reports refuting it so I never took the reports seriously.

After this brother mentioned it, I decided to do some research on the internet and after a few minutes I was convinced that the reports were most likely true.

That’s when it hit me; this man was an Evangelist greatly used by God but enslaved by sin and most likely ended up in hell!

I felt really felt sad, I felt frustrated by how the enemy keeps targeting the people chosen by God, using every trap to make them fall.

I was so heartbroken, I found myself on my knees in prayer, crying out to God about how frustrated I felt that many of those God has chosen end up falling. I said, ”Lord what chance do we stand against The enemy’s traps? We will all fall except you help us.”

I was still crying to him in prayer when I heard The Lord telling me to get a paper and pen and write what He was about to tell me.

Below is God’s heart about the enemy’s attacks to His chosen ones; these are His direct words which He told me to write.

To Pastors, Evangelists, Ministers Of God’s Word
To those The Lord has chosen to serve in ministry He said,” kill the flesh; make your service all about me. You have to deny yourself and your desires. ”

“A Minister with no prayer life will soon fall. Dedicate time (to seek Me) in sanctification. You must realize just how hateful yours enemy is, leave no loophole for him, close every window, every door.”

“Many of my chosen ones have habitual sin that they just can’t let go. They think there will always be time to repent before they die; they think I will make exceptions for them because I am using them. (But this is deception from the enemy).”
To The Church

“I want My church to engage in SERIOUS intercession for Ministers. I want My church to realize just how important it is for them to pray for them. This is a battle and you must realize just how grave neglecting praying for Ministers is! This is like putting them in the battlefront without ammunition!”

To Those Who Are Called To Healing & Miracles Ministry
“Pride, seeking of self-attention has destroyed many of those I have called to the healing and miracles ministry.

Those called to this ministry should die to seeking ANY self-attention. Request for the humility of Jesus, I will not deny it. You can do nothing apart from Me. Self-glory is a tool satan uses to get into the lives of My children.”

To The Church
“Please pray (for Ministers) like your life depends on it. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY for My servants.”

I don’t know how I can impact to you the emphasis with which The Lord said these words; I don’t know what words to use for you to understand the importance and need of NEVER stopping to pray for those in Ministry. I was still heartbroken at this moment, my heart was still breaking when I felt the need for us to do this, when He made me see it the way He sees it. I’ve seen many testimonies of how Pastors end up in hell but this is when it seemed so real to me. These are people Jesus loves, people who love Him but the enemy is always targeting them, that is why many of them end up falling and going to hell. He loves them, chose them, and it breaks His heart that the enemy makes them fall. Make no mistake, I know ministers should be held responsible for their actions but they are in the most dangerous position, prone to the enemy’s attacks and that’s why we need to pray for them.

The Lord said, “This is how the enemy destroys My children, He destroys their prayer lives. Many pastors are in hell because My church is asleep. Because My church is asleep, My ministers have become easy prey for the enemy. ”

“Please pray for My Servants. Let this become important to you like your life depends on it. Pray without ceasing, pray for mercy.”


Please share this message with as many of God’s children as you can.

God bless you.

Author's Note: Please also see Rachael Mushala's Testimony of Hell and my sister Zipporah Mushala's Testimony of Hell.

Rachael Mushala is a professional journalist in Zambia.

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